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Thoughts on Assange

This whole wikileaks thing is very problematic for me. On the one hand I believe people should know what their government is doing but on the other hand I think that there are situations which if revealed will jeopardize those who have helped the US and our own military means and methods.

It is clear that no one at Wikileks has ever read through the document dump. It’s apparently mostly undigested intelligence. Some of it is just plain silly, like the revelation that a professor at Ball State University was into pornography.

Now with the alleged rape charges unfolding and Assange‘s reaction, the focus is turning to the man as perhaps less than the hero he proclaims himself to be. It’s obvious he loves leaks, about matters other than his own police report. How ironic. I believe that the more people see this guy self promoting, the less of a martyr for press freedoms he wil seem. I can’t wait as he just comes off as a pale creepy self interested humorless person to me.


On Obama

I have to admit that there are only two Democratic presidential candidates I couldn’t bring myself to vote for and he is one of them. I just didn’t believe that he had enough experience for the job. I have always liked him personally and think he is a wonderful speaker. He is also clearly intelligent.

Unfortunately brains and a speaking ability are not sufficient qualifications for the presidency.